Bespoke Suits

20210703-053045400-ios-1.jpg20210703-044447920-ios.jpg20210703-031402400-ios.jpgWeddings,  Special Events,  something fresh and funky.  Let me say that I have just completed my first mens wedding party.  I createdthe vests and pants and took measurements of each person.  As you can see from the pictures.  Its like the movie field of dreams.  If you build it they will come.  Yes the background is corn fields like the movie.  If you have know idea about the movie Field of Dreams.  Google it.  Please understand I am a fashion designer catering to everyone.  The business has evolved and now I have the pleasure of introducing my first mens collections for a wedding party.  Guess what I am even in the party for the groom all dressed up.  Going into our 40th years here in Port Credit its refreshing to cater to so many different ways in the fashion industry personally.  

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