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Posted by Fotis Bazinas on 2022 Jan 10th

About Us - Celebrating over 40 Years of Elegance:

Since 1982, Bazinas Furs has been a symbol of elegance and luxury, with a history rich in stories and connections. With a legacy of serving over 25,000 individuals, our brand has touched hearts from various regions, from the charming streets of Port Credit to the tranquil beauty of Muskoka, the sunny shores of Wasaga Beach, the vibrant city of Barrie, and the bustling streets of London. Our journey has transcended borders, taking us to corners of the world that resonate with the spirit of "ElementalElegance."

Our Journey:

Our story began in the heart of Port Credit, a lakeside gem filled with charm and fashion. It was here that we set out on an adventure, not knowing how far our path would take us.

Stories from Around the World:

  • In the midst of Muskoka's enchanting wilderness, we discovered an appreciation for nature's beauty that transcends mere style.
  • On the sunny shores of Wasaga Beach, where the joy of summer meets the chill of winter, our furs found a place in the hearts of those who cherish both seasons.
  • In the heart of Barrie, where urban life meets the calm of Georgian Bay, our brand became a symbol of warmth and luxury.
  • In the bustling streets of London, we found a thriving fashion culture that celebrated the blend of urban elegance and natural beauty.
  • And as our journey continued, we ventured beyond our borders, connecting with fashion enthusiasts worldwide who shared our love for elegance and nature's charm.

Our Global Brand:

Each story from the regions has contributed to our global presence, influencing our mission to celebrate "ElementalElegance" on an international scale.

Core Values:

At Bazinas Furs, our core values are a testament to our diverse experiences:

  • Nature's Embrace: We cherish and protect the natural world, not just in our region but in every corner of the world where our brand has made its mark.
  • Elegance Redefined: We believe that elegance is a universal concept, irrespective of where you are.
  • Quality Beyond Measure: Our commitment to quality extends to our global clientele.

Join Us on this International Journey:

As we celebrate our 40th year, we invite you to join us in celebrating the fusion of international elegance and nature. Explore our collections and be a part of our story. Bazinas Furs - where the heart of fashion meets the soul of nature, transcending borders and connecting people worldwide.

Do you like stories?  Do you like true stories or events?  Here is something that has happened with customers more then once coming to Bazinas Furs.

Title: "Bazinas Legacy: Resizing Time"

In the heart of a bustling city, renowned for its rich history in craftsmanship, there stood Bazinas Furs—a name synonymous with timeless elegance and artisanal mastery. At the helm of this legacy was Eleftherios Bazinas, a craftsman whose hands had woven countless stories into the luxurious garments that bore the Bazinas signature.

Decades ago, a woman named Elena had walked through the doors of Bazinas Furs. She was expecting a child, and with her, she carried a sheepskin jacket—a creation that would become a symbol of warmth and comfort in the chapters of her life.

As the years unfolded, the jacket held the echoes of Elena's laughter, the whispers of her dreams, and the gentle cradling of a growing family. But time, as it does, had woven changes into the fabric of life, and the jacket, once a perfect fit for a pregnant woman, now hung a bit too generously on Elena's frame.

In a moment of nostalgia, Elena reached out to Bazinas Furs, expressing her desire to resize the jacket, to bring it back into harmony with the woman she had become. The email found its way to Eleftherios Bazinas himself, a craftsman who had poured his soul into creating garments that stood the test of time.

Eleftherios, recognizing Elena's name, felt a surge of pride that a creation from Bazinas Furs had been a witness to the tapestry of her life. In his response, Eleftherios assured Elena that the artisans at Bazinas Furs would not only resize the jacket but would do so with the utmost care and respect for the memories woven into its fibers.

Now, as the jacket made its way back to Bazinas Furs for its makeover, Elena was greeted by Fotis Bazinas, the skilled son and heir to the Bazinas legacy. Fotis, having learned the artistry of fur craftsmanship from his father, was eager to continue the tradition.

A consultation unfolded between Fotis and Elena. They delved into the shared history of the jacket, not merely as a garment but as a narrative of Elena's life. The conversation wasn't just about measurements; it was about the laughter, the dreams, and the tender moments that had shaped the fabric of this timeless piece.

Under Fotis's skilled hands, the jacket underwent its transformation. The craftsmanship was meticulous, a seamless blend of tradition and innovation. Fotis, proud to carry on the legacy started by his father, ensured that every stitch reflected the care and dedication Bazinas Furs was renowned for.

Upon completion, the jacket was returned to Elena, now a perfect fit that embraced her like an old friend. Fotis, having added a new chapter to the story of this remarkable jacket, marveled at the craftsmanship and care that had gone into the process.

And so, in the heart of the city, Bazinas Furs stood as a guardian of stories, where threads of connection wove through time, linking Eleftherios Bazinas, Fotis Bazinas, the artisans, and a sheepskin jacket that had become an enduring symbol of warmth and love.