About Us

About Us

Posted by Fotis Bazinas on 2021 Feb 15th



Our philosophy has always been to offer clients only the very finest garments,  and to back every transaction with the highest level of customer service. Earning trust and delivering the best is our top priority. 

Situated in PORT CREDIT.  A name synonymous with the FUR INDUSTRY.  HOW?  Well the credit river was used for trade and the pelts were carried in boats down the river for trade.  Originally name of the town was in Ojibwe.  From Ojibwe French settlers named it Riviere au Credit.  Then when the English came they changed it to Port Credit.

My father was a master furrier.  He received his apprenticeship in Greece,  Kastoria the village.  Again with a rich history in the fur industry Kastor in french means beaver.  They used to bring beaver pelts from North Amercia to felt them in the city where my parents came from.


    We make coats.  We are never sold out because we make to order as per the customers request.  We apply

the Bazinas label when we produce and manufacture the garment here in Canada.


    As a specialty store over the years we have expanded from just being a manufacture of outerwear.  We also

carry accessories which are as follows.

  1. BELTS In stock and custom made.
  2. Hats
  3. Leather Gloves
  4. Shoes 
  5. Boots (Waterproof and up to -20)

We are here at your disposal.  We do not have everything on our website that we have in our store but we 

are an email away for any type of inquiry.  


    We focus on the best materials.  Therefore you are not paying for a name your paying for the quality and guarantee

that we will stand behind the products we produce.  

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