About Us

About Us

Posted by Fotis Bazinas on 2022 Jan 10th

Bazinas the Brand

We make coats.  We have in stock coats and jackets. We are never sold out because we also 

make couture and custom orders. " Wrap yourself in luxury.  Wrap yourself in our coats" Chinchilla, Mink, Sheepskin, 

Leather, Cashmere, Vicuna and so much more.

Just like the movie FIELD OF DREAMS.  If you build it they will come.  Well Canada was built by the fur industry.

The city where Bazinas Furs is situated was named because of the fur industry and just like people back in 

the day seeked a better life in a different world hundreds of years ago.  My parents came to Canada 

and established Bazinas Furs.


 My family has been making coats in Canada since 1965. Women have been wearing Fur for over a century.  The reason its natural,  its biodegradable and it passed from generation to generations.  if your not wearing it dig a hole in the ground and it will decompose like compost.  But the Plastic jacket you got doesn't decompose it just sits on Mother earth because its not natural.

We at Bazinas Furs take to heart our role and we try to coexist with the land and mother nature.  Either we help the planet or hurt the planet.  You have a choice to exploit and take advantage or work in unison.  

To those people who say no one wears fur anymore.  I say you must educate yourself instead expressing yourself, Canada was built by the fur industry.  This is FACT.  Every major city was a fur trading post established prior to them becoming cities.  You don't see anyone playing the guitar anymore either?  But people who have an appreciation of the guitar still play.  This is a business that either you appreciate or not.  Women who have come to our store for the last 40 years here in Port Credit have come to realize that it keeps them warm and is natural.  Unlike plastic which does not breathable.  It does more harm then good.  Plastic straws, plastic bags, plastic jackets.  Our oceans are filled with plastic due to the ignorance.  Then the auto industry which has a muffler and exhausts fumes into the air we breath.  

Situated in PORT CREDIT.  A name synonymous with the FUR INDUSTRY.  HOW?  Well the credit river was used for trade and the pelts were carried in boats down the river for trade.  Originally name of the town was in Ojibwe.  From Ojibwe French settlers named it Riviere au Credit.  Then when the English came they changed it to Port Credit.

My father was a master furrier.  He received his apprenticeship in Greece,  Kastoria the village.  Again with a rich history in the fur industry Kastor in french means beaver.  They used to bring beaver pelts from North Amercia to felt them in the city where my parents came from.


    We make coats.  We are never sold out because we make to order as per the customers request.  We apply

the Bazinas label when we produce and manufacture the garment here in Canada.


    We focus on the best materials.  Therefore you are not paying for a name like MERCEDES where all the money you spend is because of marketing and financing.  Your actually buy something of real value.  Your paying for the quality PLUS labour.  Design Fashion Houses charge an exborbiant amount not because your buying the best but your paying for marketing.  How do I know this.  I have been in this business over 50 years.  Women have been wearing furs for over a century.  

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