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Posted by Fotis Bazinas on 2021 Feb 15th

Since 1982 

Our philosophy has always been to offer clients only the very finest garments,  and to back every transaction with the highest level of customer service. Earning trust and delivering the best is our top priority. We are coat specialty store.

Situated in PORT CREDIT.  A name synonymous with the FUR INDUSTRY.  HOW?  Well the credit river was used for trade and the pelts were carried in boats down the river for trade.  Originally name of the town was in Ojibwe.  From Ojibwe French settlers named it Riviere au Credit.  Then when the English came they changed it to Port Credit.

My father was a master furrier.  He received his apprenticeship in Greece,  Kastoria the village.  Again with a rich history in the fur industry Kastor in french means beaver.  They used to bring beaver pelts from North Amercia to felt them in the city where my parents came from.

In the 1960s there was a HUGE fur industry in downtown Toronto.  People from all over the world would come to buy a coat from here.  Why?  Canada was never a rich country but rich in hard work.  People created their own wealth.  For example mink farmers started ranching mink and created their own industry and built such a great reputation of their quality of pelts everyone in the world wanted a CANADIAN MINK COAT.  Every one deserved it and looks so beautiful in one.   A specialty that Toronto was known for around the world for many decades. People like Luciano Pavoratti flew to Canada just to buy a Canadian Made Mink Coat.  Before everyone attaching themselves to sports team they attached themselves to buying something of value.  What happened is because of this reputation people from other parts of the world wanted to come to Canada just to buy what everyone was raving about.  

A mink lasts for decades and can be passed to the next generation.  Every woman in every household had a dream of owning MINK. This created such a huge buzz around the WORLD  the average person wanting a Canadian made mink coat was high priority.  You didn't have 10 000 choices of buying coats you had minimal but most were happy with their purchase.  Its a far contrast of today where people buy expensive cars and lease them but a great winter jacket to have for many years seems to be the last thing on their mind.  So instead of respecting their enviroment they prefer to pollute the landfills with plastic jackets that are not biodegradable and just end up in landfills. 

B4 there was no financing for autos financing has opened up to every citizen in Canada.  Not like before.  Before you paid for a car.  Now you lease a car.  Before you made your own breakfast now everyone wakes up and drives by a Timmy's.  The money they spend today is different then yesteryear.  People valued home cooked meals, buying locally.  Buying Canadian made.  Now everyone just does their thing. 

A fur consumer is more educated than affluent.  More down to earth and in tune with Mother Earth then the person with the expensive car that has a cheap jacket.  Why?  Calculate One (1) mink coat 50 years.  Or 50 plastic jackets that are not biodegradable.  Cheap labour,  Slave Labour,  Foreign manufactured goods.  

In 1982 when my parents opened up in Port Credit.  They still worked in factories but at the same time Canada also cut ties with England and the business ties they had no longer existed.  Trade barriers internationally changed and cheap labour was used in Asia,  India, etc.  The fur industry and the people who invested in it took the money and left the factories here in Toronto to have everything made overseas.  Because of this the new generation has more access to brand names and different types of selections.  

In retrospect this lead to the start of fast fashion.  People started to think a brand name was good cuz of who wore it.  This doesn't necessarily mean that its a good quality or good for the environment.  At the same time We now have our landfills being polluted with a lot of plastic based clothing because now everyone is a wanting to change what they were every week.  Instead of wearing quality now cheap and repeat.  

Thank you for taking the time for reading this.  Thank you for the opportunity to establish an opportunity with you as a customer.  Please feel free if you have any questions about anything.  Contact us.

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