Bazinas Collezione


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Mens Leather Belt from Bridle Leather 9oz

Size 38

Width 1 1/2"

Chicago Screws

Metal Loop,  Metal Buck

Edge hand finished by me personally Fotis Bazinas of Bazinas Furs.  

We always make custom orders.  We are at your disposal.  This is a fantastic belt using 

only the finest Bridle Leather. 

Our store primarily deals with specialty items that I either create in its entirety or have a 

team that helps me.  These belts that I make takes time.  Tis hand made.  Its Made in 

Canada.  The quality of this belt will last a lifetime.  How do I know?  Well I made a belt 

for myself and its just like new after 10 years.  I am not just the owner in a way I am a 

customer to.

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