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Luxury yes.  Exclusive yes. Once in a lifetime purchase yes.  Golden sable from the great white north.  The crown is dyed to compliment the richnes of the sable.  The source is nature the customer in mind for this is someone who wants a hat forever. The hat will not be seen anywhere.  The price is not expensive when you think about how many years one would have this for any and all type of cold winter seasons.  You can go skiing.  You can take a walk.  You can use this more ways than you can imagine.  The pelts purchased are traced directly from trap lines that people who have a license.  This pelts were given to the auction house and purchased personally by me.  The traceabliity is there and sustainability is there.  For those who have a misunderstanding or misconception have to understand.  This country was built by fur industry.  No ifs and or buts.  The government made an agreement with the natives to allow them the right to fish and wildlife.  Trap lines are licenced and issued. Fast fashion in retrospect has decimated urban centres.  Urban development has decimated the common knowledge from generations before us.  Our landfills are filled with plastics.  Fur is natural.  Fur is biodegradable.  If you really care about the future.  Wear something that won't slow it down. Be proud.  Be Canadian.

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