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Quality superscedes quantity.  Value means a lot of things to a lot of different people.  Since the beginning of time we have had choices.  Since the beginning of time we have had generations before us make choices.  One thing remains constant.  We here in Canada have winters.  Choice of what you wear is significant in todays age.  Why?  If you buy one winter coat you are creating less of a burden on future generations. How?  Less waste is better. Buying every couple years a jacket is not helping us work with Mother Earth.  It is hurting more than helping.  Landfills do not accept plastic.  Why?  Because it is not biodegradable.  It takes an average of maybe 30 years to decompose.  Fur is natural it can be passed to the next generation.  It is biodegradable.  Please look at the future stakeholders of our planet before looking at buying 30 jackets in a lifetime.  Fur is natural, fur is in fashion when it is a canadian cold winter.  Step up and work with mother earth instead of fighting against it.  

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