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Mink bomber jacket with hood.

Bomber styled mink jacket with sable trimmed hood.  What looks and feels so good then something that is natural.  Did you know with natural products worn it helps your normal body temperature?  For example if you are hot it cools you down,  if you are cold it warms you up.  Wearing synthetics does the complete opposite.  How?  Well when something is not breathable it forces no proper circulation from happening.  Coming from a family that immigrated to Canada.  It boggles my mind how people think one way buy do another.  When I was young my mother used to wrap me in a thick wool blanket when I was young.  The reason is with the natural fabric it helps regain my normal body temperature.  A synthetic product would prolong the body temperature from rehabilitating itself naturally.  So when it comes to fur it does the same thing.  If your body is not in tune and naturally temperature compliant with the elements you have a chance that your body down the road will not be the same because of the proper allowance of breathability with the things you wear.  Pilots use sheepskin seat covers to help them in summer time to cool themselves down.  In winter it helps them elevate their body temperatures.  Seniors who are bed ridden need sheepskin to help stabilize their body temperature.  As adults we may seem to be invincible but creating a detioration in your body can create serious problems down the road.  Mink is natural and helps stabilize your body temperature in cold canadian winters. 

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