Volcano EW

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Volcano EW-LA
Volcano EW
This mid-length parka flanked by the brand crest, a mountain and a sun, is designed to withstand the bitter cold for hours on end. Its designers have observed airport ground staff for a long time to learn how their clothing works and what their requirements are. Volcano is a winter jacket for men that incorporates a high performance connected heating system.

Texwarm's eWarm heating technology works through a mobile application linked to the garment via Bluetooth;
This windproof parka is padded with an innovative blown polyfiber fabric that concentrates and releases a higher temperature than body heat;
A removable fur band surrounds the upper part of the garment;
Its closure and pockets are activated by magnets, which are practical to prevent unwanted openings;
The fleece lined pockets pamper the hands and prevent frostbite.

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