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Bespoke.  What is bespoke?  You come in I show you fabric for the outershell.  I show you the fabric for the lining.  I show you the different types of leather for the sleeves.  Then we make you a custom made jacket that no one has except you. This is simply the best feeling an atelier shop has when they are commissioned to create a piece for someone.  The most exciting part is when they see the finished product.  What is more exciting is the fact that when it is worn.  It is adorned by everyone.  The compliments are endless because the piece is like a work of art.  This work of art is not hung but it is worn daily and it is shown to people one at a time that you clearly are not the same.  You clearly have a taste that stands on its own.  I have recreated this particular piece in so many differnt fabrics and each one is simply one of a kind.  

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