Welcome to Bazinas Furs a design studio that caters to people who are looking for an experienced company that specializes in quality merchandise.  In house factory,  design team,  support,  and so much more are available at Bazinas Furs.  We have been in the same location for over 40 years.  What we do here is specialize in creating for one customer at a time.  

TAILOR (Custom Made Suits, Custom Made Dress Shirts)

DESIGNER (Specialize in furs such as mink, fabrics like leather, and cashmere)

FASHION CONSULTANT (We have an eye for fashion)

INTERIOR DESIGNER (Leather couches, Reupolster,  Foam Replacement)

We at Bazinas Furs have been commissioned in various degrees for customers. We have specialized in outerwear and so much more.  We have expanded our talents into many different aspects of design.  We have diversified ourselves  but the quality has not lessened.  We deal with top craft people in mediums that provide exceptional quality.  I have had the pleasure to work one customer at a time.  Fotis Bazinas has adapted over time and time has allowed Bazinas Furs to continue to work in different areas with a vast amount of experience.  

Thanks for reading.  Give us the oppurtunity to serve you.

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