About Us - Celebrating over 40 Years of Elegance

Since 1982,  Bazinas Furs has been a symbol of elegance and luxury,  with a rich history in stories and connections.

With a legacy of serving over 25 000 individuals our brand has touched hearts from various regions, from the charming streets of Port Credit to the tranquil beauty of Muskoka,  the sunny shores of Wasaga Beach,  the vibrant city of Barrie and the bustling streets of Montreal.  Our jurney has transcended borders, taking us to corners of the world that resonate with the spirit of "Elegantal Elegance".

Our Journey 

Our story began in the heart of Port Credit a lakeside gem filled with charm and fashion.  It was here we set out an adventure,  not knowing how far our path would take us.

Stories from Around the World

Our journey continued,  we ventured beyond our borders,  connecting with fashion enthusiats who shared our love for elegance and natures charm.

Our Global Brand

Each Story from the regions has contributed to our global presence through the internet influencing our mission

to celebrate "Elemental Elegance" on an international scale.

Core Values

At Bazinas Furs our core values is a testament to our diverse experiences:

Join us on our International Journey:

As we celebrate over 40 years,  we invite you to join us in celebrating the fusion of international elegance and nature.  Explore our collections and be part of our story.  

Bazinas Furs -  where the heart of fashion meets the soul of nature,  transcending borders and connecting people worldwide.


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