Fur Storage

We have vaults on the premise that is at a certain temperature and is humidity controlled.  The reason you have your 

furs stored during summer is to prevent the coat or jacket from not lasting as long as it could.  A simple analogy of cigars or 

wine cellars.  Cigars need to be kept in a special place.  Wine needs to be kept at a certain temperature.  The fur coat is the 

same thing.  Just like leather fur has leather part of the skin that needs to stay supple. The way you keep it supple is by fur

storage.  Because it is a temperature controlled enviroment it helps it from drying and cracking.  Many have tried to take

care of fur coats at home but it does not provide the same care as bringing it to Bazinas Furs.  We manage to ensure

the temperature is always right.  We ensure that humidity is maintained at certain levels.  You are fully insured as well for fire 

and theft while it is in our care.  The rates are according to the value for replace cost of said garment. We are ULC approved and 

certification is on premise.

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