Fur Cleaning

Fur cleaning is a dry process.  It uses 5 different machines.  Dry cleaners is not a place that typically cleans furs.  

The machines used in the fur cleaning process include drummer, glazer, steamer, rolling and blower. To explain 

the process its a step by step process that involves an experienced person who specialzies in fur cleaning.  We

work closely with the people who clean the furs with us.  We take it seriously to ensure the customer is satisfied.

In the picture is one of the machines that is used.  It is basically two very big rolling pins out of solid steel.

It genereates heat and after it comes out of the fur drum machine this is the next process.  The reason is it fluffs up

the fur and takes out all of the excess saw dust that is generally used during the first step. Fur when cleaned

is never immersed in any water or chemicals that would affect you or the fur.  Its methods have been the same for 

many decades.  


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