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Horween mens leather jacket with 100% merino wool as a lining.  This is a retro style recreated with someone looking for a once in a lifetime purchase.  This leather is tough.  This style has many details.  The pockets are all with a fold that are on the outside. The durability of this jacket is to last more then a few decades.  If you are just looking at price you are not figuring out other factors.  When you buy things you should look at sustainability and price.  For example if you buy 30 crappy jackets in a lifetime irregardless of the price it superscedes the price of one nice jacket.  Being a very disposable society means we are not thinking about the future.  Most of the crappy jackets that you buy end up in landfills.  Most are not biodegradable.  Most will take 30 years to decompose.  With this jacket it decomposes naturally.  The lining is of a natural material and the leather is natural.  So do not just look at price as much as how much are you helping future generations to have the same oppurtunity as our ancestors once had.  

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