Leather Repairs

Tears, rips, replace zipper,  replace panel are what would follow under this category.  Each tear,  each zipper,  each jackets is

a different situations.  Because of this we recommend bringing the garment in to take a closer look so we may offer the best 

suggestion for your situation.  Every jacket repair is different.  Every person situation is different and as such we must

explain what we can do and who we will be able to manage.  I have personally repaired more than 5000 jackets in the last 

30 years.  So if you wondering about experience I personally handle most repairs.  Depending on the time of year you bring

in the jacket it takes time. Some times the turnaround time is faster then other times.  The closer to winter is when many come

to repair their jackets.  It is much better to bring during the slower times of the season then the peak months of November December January.




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