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With its removable fur collar at the hood, its multiple patch pockets at the
waist and on the chest, it is the perfect compromise for mountain chic. Its
stretch tricotine bands at the cuffs will insulate you from the winter
frost whether you are on foot or on 2 wheels. It benefits from all the
latest Helvetica Mountain Pioneers innovations designed for you. The City Jacket par excellence! Its fully adjustable hood is lined with synthetic pealing to keep the head
warm; Its innovative padding made of Texwarm's Silver + Lining © effectively
fights the cold; Walk with your hands in the warm pockets in the fleece lining; The jacket is made of 85% polyester and 15% water-repellent cotton to wick
water to the outside and minimize contact with moisture; Protect your smartphone from rain and snow in the fully waterproof
silicone wallet pocket. Embed your small equipment in the holster pocket.